Friday, April 15, 2011

Change in how to apply Patch with SCCM Client push

There used to be a couple of articles online explaining how to add the PATCH=... command to the Client Push installation properties, but those articles have disappeared.  I also began seeing error 1635 on machines trying to install with that argument.

The new way to add a patch, such as, is this:

In the Client source folder (%installdir%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client) create a folder called ClientPatch.  Copy the .msp file into that folder.

So it looks like this:
    Microsoft Configuration Manager\

That's it.  SCCM will automatically try to install any .msp files you put in that folder when the Client is pushed to machines.  Once I changed to that and removed the PATCH argument, my client pushes started working again.


  1. That article does not show this as being valid in that article.

  2. Hi David, the Microsoft article I referenced is an example of a patch you may want to push out.

  3. Are you using this same method in the "Setup windows and ConfigMgr" TS tasks (installation properties) of any OSD task sequences you have?

    Did you only configure change this for your client push installation properties?