Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dell Connections License Manager 1.0/1.1 AD Groups

Dell Connections License Manager 1.0 and 1.1 will create three groups in your Active Directory if the account you use to install DCLM has enough permissions in AD.  If for whatever reason the install account doesn't have enough permissions to create groups in AD, you can create them manually.

These are the three groups and they must be named exactly.

1. Dell Connections License Administrators
2. Dell Connections License Operators
3. Dell Connections License Users

DCLM 1.1 contains several fixes including authentication recursion in the above groups.  In DCLM 1.0, the user account had to be placed directly into the Administrators or Users group.  In 1.1, you can now put a user or several users into a group, such as "SCOM Admins", and then nest that "SCOM Admins" group inside the Dell Connections License Administrators or Users groups.